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Intro to trading psychology

Trading Psychology is the #1 reason traders either succeed or fail.

  • 30 min
  • Live with Zoom

Service Description

Without question, trading psychology is the absolute MOST IMPORTANT aspect of trading. Regardless of weather or not you trade intraday,day, swing, fx, binaries or any other number of styles and strategies, experts agree that trading is 85% mental while being 15% or less strategic. When novice traders are asked what percentage of trading do they think is mental they all agree it's 85% or higher, however these same individuals all agree that they typically spend less than 10% of their time on psychology and are mostly spending their time trying to learn a new indicator, strategy, or practically "everything else" because they really don't know how to even get started with the psychology/mindset required to be an elite trader. In this intro to the psychology of trading session I will get you started on the right track before you ever spend your first dime!

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Harmony, NC, USA

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