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Trading Friends -" where friends gather to trade"
Trading Friends is a community of traders that started trading together in 2017 under the guidance of Coach David. Coach teaches retail trading of forex binary options on the NADEX platform using a hands-on, experiential approach to day trading. Trading Friends is an online trading and training community where new members learn how to trade forex binaries and indices on the NADEX platform. Experienced traders in the community share their journeys and support the new members, providing a collaborative approach to learning.

Unveiling the Journey: From Forex Novice to Building a Thriving Trading Community

In the midst of 2008, a curious introduction to the world of forex trading for what would become a transformative journey, It was a friend's invitation to a seminar in Greensboro, NC, that first piqued my interest. Little did I know, that single event would leave me with far more questions than answers. Back then, reliable information on forex trading was a rare commodity in our local landscape. It seemed as though the intricacies of this financial realm were shrouded in mystery, and obtaining a solid education was akin to chasing a mirage.

Fast forward 15 years, and the landscape of forex options trading has evolved significantly. Yet, amidst its growing popularity, the understanding of this intricate domain remains veiled in misunderstanding. It was against this backdrop that I made a decision in 2018: to construct what I had longed for a unified LIVE trading and training community where the results were not just a matter of speculation, but a measurable reality. Within this community, an array of participation avenues await eager learners and seasoned traders alike.

Coach David offers an assortment of services designed to cater to various needs, From the immersive experience of a free trial to the insightful daily training and signal sessions, and the advanced Strategy/Psychology Course that equips traders with the tools they need to thrive in this dynamic environment.

The journey from a curious observer to a creator of a vibrant trading community has been marked by the relentless pursuit of knowledge and a determination to bridge the gap between information scarcity and accessible education.


Today, I stand as a testament to the power of dedication and the potential that lies within the world of forex trading. In the world of forex, knowledge is power, and the community is key. With Coach David at the helm, the path to success is illuminated, and the potential for growth is boundless. Join us, and let's navigate this dynamic financial landscape together.


While transparency is my goal, it's crucial to approach trading with common sense. Success is a journey, not an overnight achievement. I don't endorse quick-rich schemes. This disclaimer clarifies that there's no guaranteed replication of our results. Past performance doesn't ensure future outcomes. Your success depends on your skills, resources, market knowledge, capital, and commitment. We cannot guarantee your earnings and don't imply it, directly or indirectly. Stay informed and trade responsibly.

"If your're not having fun, you're doing something wrong" Coach David

        Contact us            Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur 7:00 am - 11:00 am               Trading Friends Forex Education  704-202-1730                                                                                                                                                                                               

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